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this theme is based on online booking which includes cab booking, hotel booking, holiday or travel booking, flight booking and food order.

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Four Map Integration

google maps are now chargeable, no problem we have free alternatives. we provide 4 maps with many options and which is easy to integrate.

  • google maps
  • leaflet maps
  • here maps
  • bing maps
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animations can contribute significantly to the appeal and user-friendliness of web and mobile apps. Rica has many creative and beautiful animations

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Mobile optimize

Rica has all Mobile First Layouts which looks beautiful in all the devices, please scan the below QR code to view live in your mobile device.

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features of rica

auto height adjustment

Rica have covered all image size for all your site needs , it has auto resize image option in Rica.

flight add-ons

Rica has flight addons page which include seat booking, add meals and add baggage options.

fare calender

fare calender enables you to add different price for different dates, add availability.

360 degree view

360 degree view enables you to see view from every angle, take all-round panoramic pictures to view them in stunning details.

four map Integration

Google Maps are now chargeable ? No Problem we have 3 free alternatives which is here map, bing map & leaflet map.

Dark & light

Useful feature for Night Owls or people who work during the night. The dark background will put less strain on the eyes.

Easy RTL Integration

Design your website LTR or RTL , Multikart supports multi-languages so its easy to design website on any layout such as arabic , urdu..

skeleton loader

Skeleton Screen improved perceived performance not only provide good UX but also helps in increasing conversion ratio.


Rica has 4 dedicated filter options i.e. sidebar, popup, slide down & top filter

modern blog pages 21

Rica has standard and masonary blog list pages and great single blog detail page.

bonus inner pages 13

Rica has perfect and dedicated 12+ inner pages.

portfolio pages 14

Rica has creative & modern portfolio just made for you.

Core Features

And there is many more features..

200+ pages
date & time picker
sticky sidebar
W3 Validate
Multilevel Menu
Google fonts
Well Documentation
SEO Friendly